We want to buy & operate
your awesome business.

We’re an unconventional buyer acquiring and operating one business.
We want to operate & continue growing the business you’ve built into a market leader.

What we do

Our singular focus is to acquire and operate one business and build it into a market leading platform. We are acquirers focused on investing in long-term sustainable growth all while preserving the people, culture and company you worked so hard to build.

It’s simple – your people and company grow, your legacy is preserved, you get the exit you deserve.

How we do it

We focus solely on one business. That means we acquire the company you’ve built and dedicate our full focus on growing it to the next level. We are long-term operators committed to preserving your people and your legacy.

We are committed to investing in long-term sustainable growth, not short-term flips or fund cycles.

Who’s with us

We didn’t partner with just any investor group. We’re backed by some of the most respected and successful search fund investors in the world. Family offices, founders and entrepreneurs, current and former operators – each one has a stellar track record of success investing and operating.

We picked partners with long-term capital so we can focus on long-term sustainable growth. We also picked partners we know can help us take your company to the next level.

Sound interesting?
We’d love to learn more about your business.